We operate in a similar fashion

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All forms of transportation

Pre- and post-trip extensions

Cruise-based incentive programs

Turnkey Residentials

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services we provide

Working with TR International on an incentive program
is like ordering a Rolls Royce or a Porsche

For Incentive Groups

Of course you need a complete vehicle to start with, but you can choose from a dizzying array of options.

For Leisure Groups

We operate in a similar fashion: we will give you an excellent, turnkey incentive program at the minimum

For Italian-Sourced Groups

Some companies ask us to only manage the travel aspects of their incentive programs.

250 Years Of Experience To The Table, With An Average Of 20 Years

TR International, Inc. is an agile, dynamic company dedicated mainly to creating and operating high-end incentive travel programs for a select number of clients. Our groups range in size from 20 to over 2,000 people.
whether they are customer-focused, sales-focused
Incentive travel programs have a serious purpose, and require achieving specific results, but their delivery is wrapped in fun, and their effectiveness cemented with memories. That makes incentive travel unique as a form of motivation and resultant reward and recognition, and why it is so much more powerful than material rewards or even financial ones.
Our modest size combined with vast experience means you get a greater return on every dollar spent.

services we provide

On-site staffing & Airline ticketing for group and individual


Meeting and conference services as part of an incentive program


We Can Be As Much Or As Little As You Need

Some companies ask us to only manage the travel aspects of their incentive programs, and some ask us to do mailings, track and contact winners, registration, etc.

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